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Parking on St. Croix

We are often asked about the parking situation on St. Croix, particularly for visitors deciding whether or not to rent a car while here on-island.  In most places, parking on the island is free.  Many free-standing hotels, resorts, restaurants, and attractions have plenty of free parking available.  Parking is allowed along the streets and in some parking lots basically island wide, subject to any parking restrictions noted on signage specific to any given area.

The main things to remember when parking here on St. Croix is that parking is not allowed along curbs painted red or yellow, including areas in front of the bus stops (look for VITRAN signs).  Additionally, curbs or parking spots painted blue are designated handicapped parking and require an appropriate handicap permit or placard to be displayed in your vehicle. I highly recommend you practice your parallel parking if you’re coming for a visit, as the majority of the free public parking spaces are along the street due to the historic nature of the towns.

In Christiansted, there is a Government Parking Lot located near the intersection of King Cross Street and Strand Street which charges $1 per hour or a maximum of $5 per day.  If you cannot find parking on the street in Christiansted, this Government Parking Lot lot is open daily from 7:30am to 6:00pm.  There is also a parking lot on the east side of Christiansted, adjacent to Fort Christiansvaern.  This lot is ideal for parking if you plan to visit the Christiansted National Historic Site or shop on Company Street, as secure two hour parking at the Fort Christiansvaern lot is available from 8:30am until 3:30pm (but please be aware that towing is strictly enforced in this parking lot, which is owned and managed by the National Park Service).  There is also a small free parking lot across the street from the Seaborne Airlines seaplane terminal on the west end of Christiansted on Prince Street.

In Frederiksted, there is parking available along the streets in town, as well as along the waterfront.  There is also a free parking lot along Frederiksted Beach in the area just north of the cruise ship pier.  There is also limited free parking across the street from Frederiksted Beach adjacent to the Paul E. Joseph Stadium ball field.

At Cane Bay on the North Shore, there is limited free parking in the lot at The Landing Resort and Beach Bar.  Parking is also allowed along the road unless specially noted otherwise.

At most beaches you’ll either parking available along the street (unless noted otherwise) or there will be designated parking lots within walking distance of the beach. Please be cautions when parking near the beaches, as most of St. Croix’s beaches are nesting sites for several species of sea turtles.

Remember to keep left, and obey any posted signs for designated parking including taxi areas, government vehicle parking, and parking for private businesses. If you need help finding a spot, just ask. Most people and friendly and are happy to point you in the right direction!

-Jennie Ogden, Editor

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