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Save St. Croix’s Coral with Beautiful Jewelry!

If you are a St. Croix visitor “in the know”, you may already own your favorite piece of handcrafted “feel good jewelry” from local jewelry store ib designs. You may not know that ib designs has created a collection in which proceeds will benefit The Nature Conservancy’s Coral Restoration Project on St. Croix!

Once the primary coral reef building species throughout the Caribbean, elkhorn populations have declined as much as 90% as a result of global climate change, over-fishing and harmful practices, and direct and indirect sources of pollution. They are now listed as threatened on the US Endangered Species Act.

The Elkhorn Collection had already raised $1,500 by 2014 with this fundraiser initiative, and the plan is to continue to donate a portion of the proceeds indefinitely to support the restoration project. Inspired by nature for this (and many other) original designs in collections created at ib designs, owners Whealan and Kris Massicott said their customers often perceive the Elkhorn design as the “Tree of Life,” which is precisely what the endangered staghorn and elkhorn coral is, to the sea.

Kris and Whealan invite you to come into their studio, located on Company Street in historic Christiansted, to see the Elkhorn Collection for yourself. Support the program through The Nature Conservancy Directly or with the purchase of the elkhorn design, which is available in gold and silver as a bracelet, cord bracelet, ring, pendant and earrings. Online purchases of the Elkhorn collection are also included in the fundraising.


ib designs

ib designs

Handcrafted Feel Good Jewelry! This wondrous gallery in historic Christiansted is home to the distinctive designs of local artist/metalsmith, Whealan Massicott. Crafting for over 20 years, Whealan continues to be…

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