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Meet Alexis Matarangas-King & Mini Mathilda

We here at had the pleasure of having Alexis Matarangas-King intern with us at the office as part of Good Hope Country Day School’s Mini Gusto Week. Alexis is a very talented artist and writer, so we put her skills to good use! But, we’ll let Alexis tell you the rest in her own words…

My name is Alexis Matarangas-King, and I am a senior at Good Hope Country Day School. When I’m not reading, working on newspaper articles for the school paper, The Panther Post, or studying for exams, I’m either creating digital art and stop motion animation videos on YouTube and Instagram, playing badminton, acting in shows at CCT, coming up with poetry, or sketching superhero concept art in my sketchbook. For Mini Gusto Week, I took an internship at the GoToStCroix headquarters. I’m going to Emerson college in a couple of months to study Marketing and Journalism, and I felt Mini Gusto was the perfect opportunity to get a head start in learning about Marketing tactics. For my assignment, I was to create an original character to cover two top 5 lists for the website; Top 5 Places to Check Out on St. Croix and Top 5 Festivals to Check Out on St. Croix. I created Mini Mathilda because I wanted to create a sweet, adventurous character for the website that was relate-able to kids while at the same time, pays homage to St. Croix culture.

Alexis creating and digitizing Mathilda


About the Character: Mini Mathilda

Name: Mathilda McBean II

Gender: Female

Age: 15-16 years

Nickname(s): Mini Mathilda, Mini, Mackie Bee, Tilda

Affiliation(s): GoToStCroix Crew

Occupation: Student at Good Hope Country Day School, tour guide and travel counselor at GoToStCroix headquarters, Crucian magic girl

Likes: Reading, shopping, Caribbean history, going to the beach, etc…

Goal: To become an Island Curator when she grows up, to show tourists the beauty and wonder of St. Croix.


  • Crucian culture/ Island school girl
  • Mathilda Mcbean: One of the rebel Queens of the Fireburn rebellion of 1878 and my great great great grandmother. I incorporated my ancestry into the character as I wanted to give the character a strong crucian background while at the same time incorporating  caribbean history within the background to match her personality and ambitions.
  • Dance Attire: Quadrille
  • Magic Girls : Marinette/Ladybug from Miraculous: Tales of LadyBug and Chat Noir , Sailor Moon
  • Adventurers: Finn from Adventure Time
  • Strong Disney Heroines (2): Moana and Princess Tiana

The Finished Project

You can read my blogs, Student Picks: Top 5 Places To Go and Student Picks: Top 5 Festivals (featuring Mini Mathilda, of course), by clicking on the links below. Happy exploring!

 -Alexis Alexis Matarangas-King & Mini Mathilda, Student/Guest Blogger

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