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Top 10 Reasons To Choose St. Croix

#10 No passport? No problem, mon.

Foreign enough to be exotic, St. Croix is in fact part of “America’s Caribbean”-one of the islands comprising the United States Virgin Islands (USVI). Everyone speaks English, uses the American Dollar and are U.S. citizens. If you are American, you can come and go from St. Croix without ever needing a passport. That makes St. Croix an easier trip for you next vacation than just about every other island in the Caribbean.

#9 We have personality.

St. Croix is not an island full of enormous, all inclusive resorts that ramble on for miles and miles. We are more than that. Our style of a luxury resort is no larger than 200 rooms. It may be a family-owned hotel on the grounds of an old sugar plantation, or individual cottages built to resemble a West Indian village. Smaller hotels are IT on St. Croix, many with less than 50 rooms. Enjoy personalized service, historic architecture, charming courtyards, beachfront views, swimming pools, hi-speed internet, and in-house restaurants. Where you stay will have a personality unlike any other.

#8 Park it right there, Mister.

Many people don’t realize that St. Croix has 4 parks that are protected by the U.S. National Park System, as well as several more that are protected by U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and the Nature Conservancy. Beautiful vistas, hikes ranging from easy to difficult, endangered sea turtle nesting, unbelievable scuba diving, snorkeling trails, historic sugar plantations, old military forts, and mangrove estuaries accessible only by kayak are some of the experiences St. Croix’s parks offer.

#7 Go to town-twice!

St. Croix has two diverse downtown areas to explore, so when you are ready to leave our beautiful beaches and get out of the direct sun, you’ll have plenty to see: According to Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine, “A walking tour of Christiansted offers a history lesson on St. Croix. Almost the entire city is on the National Register of Historic Places”. A stroll through the west end town of Frederiksted is like stepping back in time, to a slower pace and simpler life-contrasted with a newly renovated waterfront park, extended pier and free jazz concerts with the sun setting in the background.

#6 The World’s Best Rum!

We may be biased here on St. Croix, but we are not alone. Year after year, thousands of barrels of Cruzan Rum are made right here on St. Croix-and nowhere else. With an expanded line of rums that include coconut, mango, pineapple, as well as Single Barrel and high-end Estate Diamond rums, Cruzan Rum continues to impress worldwide spirit connoisseurs winning countless taste tests and people’s choice awards. But no matter how popular our most famous export becomes, there is still only one place in the world where you can tour the distillery and visit the tasting room. Right here on St. Croix.

#5 Take it all in, baby!

The clean, unpolluted air you breathe will lift your spirits and improve your sleep. Your appetite will be stimulated by the aroma of fresh fish and lobster-caught moments ago-being prepared with locally grown mango, papaya, tamarind and secret spice recipes dating back hundreds of years. Grab a handful of sand and examine it closely-it’s made of coral, from the reef that hugs St. Croix’s coastline. Let the rhythm move you as you listen to local steel pan, Quelbe, Soca or Reggae music being played at one of the many street fairs that occur. St. Croix is meant to be experienced by the senses.

#4 Fun for your family of 4 or 40!

Family vacations and reunions are meant to be unforgettable with unique activities that your family will be talking about for years to come. See the bioluminescense glowing in the water on a moon-lit evening kayak tour, go off-roading to parts of the island only accessible in a four-wheel jeep, or let the kids pick their own hermit crab and cheer them on in nightly crab races. The entire family can get scuba certified in the morning and be diving the same afternoon. The point is, family activities are not your average run-of-the mill variety. They are truly a “Crucian” experience.

#3 Name that accent.

English might be the official language, but don’t tell our residents that. While some locals were “bahn here” many other “Crucians” with West Indian roots are from neighboring small islands further down the Caribbean chain. We call them down-islanders. Spanish speaking residents may be from as far away as the Dominican Republic or Cuba, or closer by Vieques and Puerto Rico. European influences are still strong with a close-knit Danish population (St. Croix was once Danish). There are also French, British and Spanish influences as well. For such a small place, St. Croix is quite worldly.

#2 Where’s the party? It’s here!

A population as diverse as St. Croix’s produces myriad cultural traditions and events. Celebrate the fruits of the land with agricultural events and our Mango Melee. Groove with local musicians every month at a free outdoor jazz concert to hear the sounds of African, Latin, Quelbe, Gospel and modern sounds come together. Jump Up festivals are an opportunity to see Mocko Jumbies dancing in the street and to indulge in local food and drinks. You would think that St. Croix has a strong Irish heritage judging from the size of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but nope, it’s just another good excuse to throw a party!

#1 “I could live here”.

You could. We welcome you to St. Croix. You will feel at home. We hope it becomes a place you will want to return to year after year to meet up with new friends, see what is new, relax, kick back, and recharge your batteries with our slower pace. St. Croix is a place that enters your heart and soul. You will say “I am happy here”. St. Croix is a very liveable island-with diverse economies, affordable real estate, friendly people, and plenty of space to spread out and get away. It is a place to return to year after year-even if only on vacation.