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The Wonders of St. Croix

A few years ago, I was in a meeting with the owners and management of St. Croix’s hotels and tour operators.  We were given an advanced copy of a new brochure that the US Virgin Islands Dept of Tourism was printing.  It was an absolutely beautiful piece called ‘The Wonders of St Croix’.  Only a limited number of copies were distributed on St. Croix so it’s entirely possible that many locals have never seen it before or find them hard to come by. The audience for this booklet is you, wise traveler, so you can learn of St. Croix’s wonders and choose it for your next Caribbean destination.

In a giant sea of beautiful Caribbean imagery and fancy marketing materials, this booklet deserves some recognition, and a longer shelf life. I was thrilled to recently find a downloadable PDF of the booklet, called ‘The Wonders of St Croix’ and it weaves the tale of our historic, natural, culinary and cultural wonders – with beautiful illustrations and photographs.  Download it here, share the link with others, and tell us of your experiences while experiencing St. Croix’s many wonders for yourself.

View and Download PDF

Wonders of St. Croix Brochure – USVIDOT