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Shop the Christiansted Antiques & Collectibles Fair

Christiansted, St. Croix is a picturesque waterfront town who’s beautiful historic buildings house custom jewelers, art galleries, tour operators, boutiques, restaurants, and other local businesses. Twice a year in Limpricht Park, right in the heart of downtown Christiansted, many of the local artists and artisans, vendors and shoppers gather for the Christiansted Antiques and Collectibles…

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Limpricht Park Vintage & Collectibles Fair

The Christiansted Community Alliance (CCA) hosts the Christiansted Antiques and Collectibles Fair twice a year in Limpricht Park. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Christiansted on King Street, it’s a great venue for this unique arts fair. Stroll around the park and shop for collectibles, antiques and vintage finds, one-of-a-kind furniture, textiles, local art and…

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