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st. croix event calendar

There's always something happening on St. Croix! Below you'll find special events, holiday festivities, sporting events, exhibits, shows, annual offerings, and more.

Listings for venues offering live music, trivia nights, karaoke, dance lessons, and more recurring weekly all across the island please visit our Weekly Entertainment & Classes page.

St. Croix Promotes ‘Reef Safe’ Suncare

St. Croix Promotes "Reef Safe" Suncare

Governor Albert Bryan Jr. recently made history with the signing of Act 8185, banning the importation, sale and distribution in the US Virgin Islands of sunscreen containing the ‘toxic 3 Os’: oxybenzone, octinoxate and octocrylene. Effective April 1st, according to Act 8185:  ‘All persons, or entities that sell, distribute, or that are otherwise in possession of…

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Women’s Dive Day

Back in 2015, PADI created an annual Women’s Dive Day with the goal of celebrating and encouraging women who scuba dive. The event was a huge success, and has continued to grow every year since. Here on St. Croix, one or more of our dive shops hosts an event each July for divers who wish…

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Dive the Salt River Canyon Sites

In the Caribbean Sea, just outside of St. Croix’s Salt River Bay, can be found a breathtaking underwater geographical feature known as the Salt River Canyon. This underwater canyon is formed by the remains of an ancient river and waterfall that formed a deep “V” in the wall of the Puerto Rico Trench that runs…

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Advance Your Scuba Diving Skills

Advance Your Scuba Diving Skills on St. Croix

St. Croix is known in the scuba community for the amazing diving to be found here. Divers travel from all over the world to dive The Wall, Cane Bay, Salt River Canyon and the Frederiksted Pier. In addition to offering some well recognized dive sites, St. Croix offers warm Caribbean water, great visibility, and an…

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Dive the World Famous Cane Bay Wall

Dive the World Famous Cane Bay Wall

St. Croix is known for world class Caribbean diving. Beneath the turquoise waters the island is almost completely surrounded by a barrier reef teeming with coral, sponges, schools of tropical fish, sea turtles, and more. The most well-known part of this spectacular coral reef runs along the North Shore of St. Croix and is known…

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Discover Scuba Diving!

Discover Scuba Diving

Have you ever wanted to try scuba diving so you could see the underwater world up close? It is a whole different world below the surface, and it is truly amazing! If you want to try scuba diving, but you aren’t  quite ready to take the plunge into full certification, then Discover Scuba is a…

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Hunt and Spear a Lionfish

Hunt and Spear a Lionfish to Save Our Reefs

The Lionfish, a ferocious predator, has taken over the reefs in the Bahamas and destroyed diverse populations of juvenile fish, disrupting the eco-system.

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