Chasing Coral on St. Croix

Chasing Coral on St. Croix, USVI

St. Croix is leading the charge to protect and restore our Caribbean coral reefs, but climate change is threatening to wipe out coral reefs on a global scale. Never before has coral bleaching been » read more » 

Respect the Leatherback Sea Turtles

Respect the Turtles

While many people have a huge fondness and respect for sea turtles, there is something particularly awe inspiring about Leatherback sea turtles. The oldest of all sea turtle species, it has been around for » read more » 

Hawksbill Turtle Watch

Hawksbill Turtle

Every species on the earth has its specific place and particular role in the ecosystem, marine turtles are no different. They are a small part of ocean species that need to be treated with » read more » 

Birding at Southgate Coastal Reserve

Birds at Southgate Pond

Avid and novice bird watchers alike will enjoy the aviary experience St. Croix offers. There are seasonal appearances by certain species, as well as resident birds who make St. Croix their home year round. » read more » 

Volunteer or Donate!

Snorkel Clinic at Reef Jam

One thing I love about St. Croix is how involved individuals in the community are with the island's many charitable causes, whether by volunteering their time or by donating money or goods.  Whether you » read more » 

St. Croix Environmental Association

St Croix Environmental Association (SEA)

Conservation, Education & Advocacy! A non-profit, membership driven organization, SEA is committed to protecting and conserving the beautiful island environment of St. Croix. By creating innovative environmental education programs for children and adults, sponsoring » read more »