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st. croix event calendar

There's always something happening on St. Croix! Below you'll find special events, holiday festivities, sporting events, exhibits, shows, annual offerings, and more.

Listings for venues offering live music, trivia nights, karaoke, dance lessons, and more recurring weekly all across the island please visit our Weekly Entertainment & Classes page.

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Humpback Whale

Humpback whales! I was having dinner at The Landing Beach Bar at Cane Bay with my family when I noticed some of the staff and customers were standing up and intently…

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Senepol Cattle

Senepol Cattle are a beautiful species of cattle that is native to St. Croix. The feed on the lush green hills on the west end of the island. This breed of…

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Mongoose are like the curious little mascot of St. Croix. Mongoose is the popular English name species in the 14 genera of the Herpestidae family , which are small carnivorans that are native to…

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Iguanas Look in trees, mangroves and scurrying across the road for this pre-historic looking reptile. Iguanas are native to the Caribbean where they like the sun and warm waters just…

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Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs First thing’s first: do not take these cute crustaceans home to keep as a pet. They live here for a reason. When the animal that lives inside the…

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Gecko, Anole Commonly referred to as a House Gecko; they are EVERYWHERE on St. Croix! Geckos are cute, fun to watch and totally harmless. In fact, people allow them to…

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Donkeys Donkeys were brought here by colonists from under every flag. They are traditionally work animals. On St. John, you might be awakened in the middle of the night by…

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Deer Yep, deer on the island. They were brought here in the 1700’s for sport. No hunting is allowed of these gentle animals. They exist from the east to the…

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Chickens A.K.A. Yard Birds. These cluckers are pretty much feral and run amuck all over the island. You’ll see them in town, hens with chicks, roosters crowing. Some locals do…

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Bats Right at dusk, you can catch glimpses of these fast-flying mammals. They fly out from under roof eaves, caves, and even abandoned structures to feed on insects; which really…

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Senepol Cattle : A Crucian Breed

Senepol Cattle - A Crucian Breed

It all started a long time ago in 1860 when a man named George Elliott decided to import 60 Senegalese (N’Dama) heifers and two bulls from Senegal West Africa. Mr.…

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St. Croix Bird Watching

Avid and novice bird watchers alike will enjoy their aviary experience on St. Croix. There are seasonal appearances by certain species and we have our resident fowls who make St.…

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