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st. croix event calendar

There's always something happening on St. Croix! Below you'll find special events, holiday festivities, sporting events, exhibits, shows, annual offerings, and more.

Listings for venues offering live music, trivia nights, karaoke, dance lessons, and more recurring weekly all across the island please visit our Weekly Entertainment & Classes page.

Umami Sushi STX

Umami Sushi STX Umami Sushi STX offers the freshest sushi on St. Croix. Conveniently located at 5 Corners in La Grande Princesse, Umami focuses on sourcing the freshest possible ingredients…

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Caledonia Wellness

Caledonia Wellness is your one stop shop for health, wellness, legal cannabis, art, and jewelry! Tucked into the upper Apothecary Hall courtyard in Christiansted, this beautiful store offers natural wellness…

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Bleu Chocolàt Workshop

Bleu Chocolàt Workshop Bleu Chocolàt Workshop offers ‘bean to bar’ handmade chocolates, bonbons, pastries and more. World class pastry chef Erika Dupree Cline is serving up chocolate, love and happiness…

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Women Take the Helm at CSA

Most visitors and residents of the USVI spend at least part of their recreational time on the water boating. St. Croix offers day trips to Buck Island, sunset sails, sport…

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Christa’s Art Gallery

At Christa’s Art Gallery, ‘It’s a Celebration of Art and Culture’. Artist Christa-Ann Davis Molloy offers artwork and products that encapsulate the cross-cultural experience of the USVI and beyond. Christa’s…

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Debbie Sun Design Studio

Debbie Sun Design Studio Casual elegance, simple opulence, sophisticated art! St. Croix artist and designer Debbie Sun imagines refreshing perspective on textiles for décor and fashion. Originating from her silk…

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Meet Debbie Sun, Textile Designer

Debbie Sun herself is as effervescent and vibrant as her well known designs. Unique and colorful, her textiles combine elements of nature and architecture into some of the most visually stunning designs…

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Virgin Islands Food Tours

Virgin Islands Food Tours Virgin Islands Food Tours transforms visitors into locals! This guided food tasting & cultural walking tour in Downtown Christiansted is a unique Crucian foodie experience allowing…

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Savoring St. Croix Like a Local

You simply cannot visit St. Croix without tasting the local food. The island is a melting pot of cultures and ingredients, which has given rise to dishes that are truly…

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Simple Living on the West End

Northside Valley

Driving north from Frederiksted, you would never know that the small Northside Valley sign tucked among the bougainvillea led to such an incredible place. An “off-the-beaten-path” accommodation option for your…

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