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Celebrating St. Croix festival

A month (plus) long celebration that incorporates modern day celebrations with long standing traditions, The Crucian Christmas Carnival has been taking place for over 60 years. The traditions date back to at least the early 1800‚Ä≤s when enslaved Africans were allowed to celebrate Christmas and New Years. What we’ve come to know as the Crucian Christmas Carnival became an annual event in 1952.

While most of the action happens in Frederiksted, there are events and venues that span all across the big island of St. Croix, with festival celebrations include nightly displays of talented bands and musicians, pageants for Carnival royalty and fairs that showcase local crafts, foods, and drinks.

The best is saved for last. J’ouvert, the Children’s Parade and the famous Adult’s Parade are the last of the official festival events. The Parades are a beautiful display of Crucian culture with troupes dancing through the streets all day long wearing beautifully hand crafted, vibrant, feathery costumes.

Check out for a list of upcoming carnival related events. See you there!