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Sport Fishing with a buddy while on St. Croix : Priceless!

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St. Croix is blessed with many different types of terrain - the lushness of the west end and the rainforest, the arid climate and cactus on the east end, the high peaks and gentle plains that line the mid-island coastlines.   Going for a hike on St. Croix is one of the best ways to experience the truly beautiful views, often unseen from the main roadways.  While many of the best hikes on St. Croix are accessible to the public, they are not necessarily well-marked with signs.  Several well-known hike trails will lead you to secluded beaches for unparalleled snorkeling.  Others will lead you to historic sugar plantation ruins.  To take an amazing hike, your best bet is to hike with a guide who knows St. Croix well.  You'll want to have sneakers, plenty of sunscreen, a hat,  water, and even a snack.  

CHANT (Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism)

Maroon Ridge Hike with Ras LamumbaLocation : Frederiksted
Local Tel : 340-719-5455
Local Tel : 340-277-4834
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St. Croix hiking tours with The Bush Lady and Ras Lamumba!  CHANT offers two different hiking experiences.  Maroon Ridge with Ras Lamumba explores the rain forest and Hamm’s Bluff.  Lamumba, a master gardener, herbalist and environmentalist, will point out plants and wildlife encountered along the hike and lead you to Hamm’s Bluff lighthouse and an old Maroon community left from the days of slavery.  St. Croix’s Bush Lady, Veronica Gordon, will lead you on a physically challenging hike along the waterways of Caledonia Valley.  Veronica will guide you to three seasonal waterfalls and share her wealth of information along the way.

BushTribe Eco Adventures

Bush Tribe Eco Adventures Hiking St CroixLocation : Island-Wide
Local Tel : 340-277-2503
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Hiking Adventures Island-Wide!  There is more than  just the beautiful ocean to enjoy here on St. Croix.  Join BushTribe Eco Adventures for beach-side hikes, a fun filled trek to the gorgeous tidal pools, or exploratory gut hikes.  Choose a low impact hike and enjoy the scenery while learning about St. Croix’s rich history, the island’s formation, and wildlife ecology.  Choose a high impact hike if you are looking for a physical challenge in addition to the educational experience.  Whatever your pleasure, with BushTribe you are guaranteed a rich, entertaining and educational adventure.

Mount Victory Camp

Mt Victory Camp HikeLocation : Rainforest Areafeatured on, read more!
Local Tel : 340-201-7983
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Experience nature in all of its depth at Mt. Victory Camp!  Go home with skills, knowledge and experiences to last you a lifetime.  Owners Carmen and Matt Corradino  offer guided hikes of the rainforest on and around  their property, including spectacular ruins of an 1841 schoolhouse and the nearby sugar works.  For those seeking an even deeper connection to nature, they also offer workshops in wild edible and medicinal plants, basic and advanced wilderness survival techniques, nature observation and tracking, and a whole host of earth based skills.  As instructors at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School in New Jersey, they lived in their own shelter making tools, clothes and gathering food from the landscape for six years!  Choose from our scheduled workshops, or call for a personalized experience.