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Jewelry Collections for a Cause

St. Croix is home to many talented jewelers who create unique, handcrafted artisan and fine jewelry.  The island is also home to community spirit like I have experienced no where else. When these two forces combine, the result is stunning collections of jewelry designed to raise both funds and awareness for some of St. Croix’s worthy local causes and organizations.

From the environment and marine life, and agriculture to human services…there is a collection for almost anything you could hope to support. Best of all, buying a beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear that will spark discussions, supports a great organization, AND supports a local small business is the definition of ‘feel good jewelry’!

Check out the slideshow below to see the St. Croix’s jewelry collections for cause. Be sure to hover over each slide to learn more about the inspiration behind each piece and the organization or cause it supports:

The Turtle Collection
The Breadfruit Collection
The Tree of Knowledge Collection
The Women’s Coalition Collection
The Fan Coral Collection
The Honeycomb Collection
The Dolphin Collection
The Elkhorn Collection
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If you’re lucky enough to be on St. Croix, you can stop by these jewelers’ studios and see these collections in person. If not, don’t worry! You can also shop these beautiful collections online. Thank you to all of the local businesses and organizations that continue to work hand-in-hand to make St. Croix such a wonderful place. And, thank YOU to everyone who has purchased, or is rocking, one of these beautiful designs. Please spread the word, and share the love!

-Jennie Ogden, Editor

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