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Mt. Victory Home to 3D Archery Course

Mt. Victory Camp is a wonderful eco-lodge tucked in the rainforest in the Northwest Hills of St. Croix. The camp was designed to provide a peaceful setting for people to get closer to the natural and cultural wonders of our beautiful island. ‘Comfortable living close to nature’ is the mantra of Mt. Victory Camp owners Matt and Carmen Corradino, who focus on low-impact, sustainable living. Well known for their unique accommodations, hiking trails, and bushskill workshops, Mt. Victory Camp is also now home to the St. Croix Archery Association’s world class 3D archery course.

Did you know archery was an activity available here on the island? As it turns out, the St. Croix Archery Association is a non-profit program run by USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources–Department of Fish and Wildlife, funded by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in cooperation with Sports Parks and Recreation. They typically offer archery classes for children and adults of all ages at Isaac Gateword James Park in Frederiksted to promote archery in the territory. However, because St. Croix does not have a legal hunting season, they have created the 3D archery course at Mt. Victory comprised of life-sizes foam animal targets hidden in the rainforest around the camp.

New 3D archery targets for the course at Mt. Victory Camp

According to Carmen Corradino: “We shoot the course as a group and Dr. Coles, the head of St. Croix Archery, gives tips on shooting. He also keeps score to give it a fun, competitive edge and also to give those who repeatedly shoot the course a measure of their progress.”  The course is open to the public on Sundays at 3pm. If you are interested, participants must bring their own archery gear, but the course is free for VI residents.  For non-residents, there is a $10 fee which goes towards course maintenance. If you don’t have your own archery gear, check out the official St. Croix Archery website at

This is just one more reason to visit Mt. Victory Camp, and something new for residents to enjoy. Plus, when you’re ready to really take your archery to the next level, you can head to Mt. Victory Camp and take their Caribbean Earth Skills workshops on bowmaking and arrowhead knapping to make your own bow and arrows. Happy ‘hunting’!

-Jennie Ogden, Editor

Editor’s Note: Due to COVID-19 the course is currently closed, but it will be reopened at the direction of USVI Department of Planning and Natural Resources–Department of Fish and Wildlife in accordance with federal and local guidelines.


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