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Sion Farm Distillery, Home of Mutiny Island Vodka

Historically known for our rum distilleries, St. Croix is also where you’ll find the only distillery in the world turning breadfruit into gold…gold medal-winning vodka, that is. Sion Farm Distillery was opened in 2019 to produce Mutiny Island Vodka®, billed as: ‘the world’s first and only Island Vodka, made from breadfruit, that delivers the true taste of Island life’. Just a few years into production, Mutiny Island Vodka has been awarded a gold medal from the prestigious 2022 San Francisco Spirits Competition, an honor presented to ‘exceptional spirits that set the standard’ in their category. If you’re here on St. Croix, you can tour the Sion Farm Distillery and see for yourself how this one-of-a-kind spirit is made!

Mutiny Island Vodka

Co-founders of Mutiny Island Vodka, award-winning chef Todd Manley, and award-winning master distiller Chris Richeson, labored together to achieve a perfect distillation using breadfruit and Caribbean rainwater. In 2017, having been conceived on the island of St. Croix and perfected in the year of the hurricanes, Mutiny Island Vodka was officially born. If you haven’t tried it yet, Mutiny Island Vodka delivers a luscious mouth feel and flavor notes of citrus, melon and green banana. They also offer several flavored vodkas based on popular island ingredients including: Smoked Hot Pepper, ROOTS (infused with ginger and turmeric), and Puerto Rican Coffee. If you’re lucky enough to live here in the US Virgin Islands, you can also find Mutiny’s limited micro batch flavors which, in the past, have included: Ginger Lime, Coquito, Summer Sorrel and Mango.

Sion Farm Distillery

Sion Farm Distillery was newly constructed and opened in 2019 to produce Mutiny Island Vodka. The distillery offers tours, as well as a chance to taste and take home some Mutiny for yourself. When you walk in the front door, you’ll immediately see a huge glass wall looking into the state of the art artisanal copper still. As you watch, you’ll see the master distiller and his team perform the science and art of creating hand-crafted Island Vodka.

Distillery Tour & Tasting

On the tour, you’ll also hear the origin story of how Sion Farm Distillery came to make breadfruit vodka and learn the history of the ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ so you can appreciate the inspiration behind the Mutiny Island Vodka name. Your tour guide will then take you inside the still room where the magic happens. Here you’ll hear and see first-hand how Mutiny Island Vodka is made, distilled in one of three distillation towers, then mixed with St. Croix rainwater and charcoal filtered for a pure, clean taste. Plus, you’ll learn how Sion Farm Distillery does their part for the community by operating a zero-waste facility.

Shawn Henderson giving a tour of the distillery

Finally, you’ll enjoy a tasting session featuring Mutiny Island Vodka. As you sip and mingle, step back time in the Island Dairies History Room, where Sion Farm Distillery pays homage to the well-loved St. Croix business that occupied the site them. Be sure to explore the Mutiny Island Vodka shop where you can take a piece of your experience home, and grab a delicious bite to eat and a handcrafted cocktail in the tasting room bar and restaurant. (I highly recommend the Queen Bee cocktail if it’s available!) Sion Farm Distillery is open for tours, lunch, dinner and cocktails Monday – Friday between 11:30am and 7:30pm.

View of the distillery from inside the Sion Farm Distillery tasting room bar and restaurant

Breadfruit & Sustainability

The Mutiny Island Vodka brand supports environmental initiatives, employment, responsible agriculture processes, and promoting breadfruit as an ingredient and food crop with great flavor and fun. Mutiny Island Vodka uses breadfruit in large part because it is so sustainable. As one of the highest-yielding food plants in the world, just a single breadfruit tree can produce 200+ grapefruit-sized breadfruits per season! Mutiny Island Vodka supports and is endorsed by the Trees That Feed Foundation which provides aid and support communities around the world that care for breadfruit.

Congratulations to the Mutiny Island Vodka team for your Gold-Medal win at the 2022 San Francisco Spirits Competition! We admire your dedication to handcrafting a quality, sustainable product made with authentic ingredients rooted in Crucian culture, and produced right here in our St. Croix community.

-Jennie Ogden, Editor


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When you tour the Sion Farm Distillery, you will see, hear, smell and taste your way into an experience like no other. Our MUTINY Island Vodka tour will teach you...


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