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St. Croix Bird Watching

Avid and novice bird watchers alike will enjoy their aviary experience on St. Croix. There are seasonal appearances by certain species and we have our resident fowls who make St. Croix their home year round. No need to go out of your way to spot some of these creatures- chances are you will see them as you drive through the rain forest, kayak Salt River, hike Annaly Bay or wind your way to the eastern most point of the United States (Point Udall).

Birding Checklist PDF

Here are some things to remember while bird watching:

  • Do not disturb nesting birds, or tamper with an exposed nest, regardless of whether there are visible eggs
  • Leave all habitat as you found it and do not litter- some birds might mistake garbage for food
  • Act in ways that do not endanger the welfare of wildlife. * Act in ways that do not harm the environment.
  • Observe and photograph birds without disturbing them. Cars work great as blinds.
  • Avoid chasing or flushing birds. Walk slowly and quietly. Stay concealed.
  • Avoid using recordings to attract birds.
  • Stay on existing roads and trails to avoid trampling fragile habitat.
A Trip to the St. Croix Avian Sanctuary with Toni Lance

A Trip to the St. Croix Avian Sanctuary with Toni Lance

There’s a good chance, if you live on St. Croix that you’ve heard of Toni Lance, St. Croix’s ‘Bird Lady,’ as she has been dubbed. A lifelong bird and animal…

St. Croix Environmental Association

St. Croix Environmental Association

Conservation, Education & Advocacy! A non-profit, membership driven organization, SEA is committed to protecting and conserving the beautiful island environment of St. Croix. By creating innovative environmental education programs for…

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