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The Flavors of St. Croix, Delivered

If you have taken one of the Virgin Islands Food Tours, you know that the owner takes her love of all things local seriously. Anquanette Gaspard, known to many as the Cruzan Foodie, loves to teach visitors and residents alike about the flavors unique to St. Croix. While her popular food tours have resumed, the pandemic has drastically impacted the business due to the hesitation of many to travel. But, don’t fret if you can’t make it to St. Croix, Anquanette came up with a creative way to have the flavors of St. Croix delivered directly to your doorstep.

Let us introduce you to the Crucian Foodie Goodie Box. These seasonal boxes are full of Crucian favorites that highlight the flavors of the island, delivered to your home via US Priority Mail. Anquanette has carefully curated the boxes to include a range of products to satisfy the sweet, savory and spicy palates of the most discerning foodies. If you are from St. Croix, this box delivers a true taste of home. If you haven’t been to the island yet, this is a perfect introduction to some of the unique products made right here on St. Croix.

What can you expect in your Crucian Foodie Goodie Box? While the mix will vary a bit from season to season, you can expect must-have items like bush tea and fruit tarts. You’ll also find spicy St. Croix pepper sauce and even local stews. For the holiday season, you’ll get the quintessential Caribbean black cake!

Is your mouth watering yet? To enjoy a taste of St. Croix wherever you are, order your box online here. Best of all, you don’t have to book a flight or navigate the TSA line! 

-Jennie Ogden, Editor

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