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Triathlon Traditions

Everyone that lives here on St. Croix has their own triathlon traditions. Some people officially volunteer and are assigned to one of many different tasks at or leading up to the triathlon, from trimming the brush along the shoulders of the road and collecting trash, to handing out water or working the first aid stations. But, many people support the triathlon in their own personal way – some simply camp outside their houses and watch or cheer on the triathletes as they pass by, some run their hose out to the street to spray down the athletes as they run or bike by to help keep them cool, some even buy their own bottled water and hand it out to the athletes.

We can walk to part of the bike route from our house in Little Princess. It is so nice, the streets are quiet, and we can just walk without the worry of cars. So, we pack a small bag of snack, water, coffee and this year, an umbrella, because the skies were looking dark. And most importantly, trash bags. We walk along the side of the road, cyclists racing by us, we cheer them on, one after another.

This year, I hear loud female voice up ahead yelling her support:”BIG SMILE, BIG SMILE! LOOKIN’ GOOD! GO GIRL GO GIRL!!” It was Pilar Fletcher, a local real estate agent, and her daughter. And they even brought trash bags. It made we realize we may not be “official” volunteers, but we all do or own thing in one way or another. It is just one more thing to love about St. Croix, everyone coming together to support the events in their island community.