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Weddings the Island Way

One of the most compelling reasons to plan a destination wedding on St. Croix is the stunning venues our island has to offer. In addition to the picturesque white sand beaches you would expect in the Caribbean, St. Croix is home to a variety of postcard-worthy settings for your special day. From historic properties to resorts, from the rainforest to the sea, somewhere on the island you will find the perfect location for your dream wedding.

If you want the quintessential Caribbean beach wedding, one of St. Croix’s beautiful resort beaches is likely your best bet. The resorts keep their beaches clean, and also offer the facilities that you will want to have available to your guests, like parking and restrooms. Another added benefit to a resort beach wedding is that you can often get a package deal, as well as getting special room rates for your guests.

St. Croix Weddings

Historical places have an inexplicable romantic presence about them; perhaps because they have stood the test of time, a poignant symbol of your future lifetime together. Let the romantic aura of one of St. Croix’s historic sites enhance the ambiance of your special day. Incorporate the culture and history of the island into your ceremony by getting married in an iconic sugarmill, the great house of an old plantation like The Grange Estate, one of two historic forts, or among the ruins of an 18th century plantation.

Weddings the Island Way

For the more traditional at heart, there are plenty of churches here on St. Croix where you can have a religious ceremony. St. Croix is known as the ‘Land of Churches’ since the island is home to approximately 150 churches, so if you dream of a church wedding you can choose one the island’s many historic and beautiful churches.

Visit Historic Churches

St. Croix is also home to lush, subtropical rainforest and the unique flowers and foliage that come with that climate. If you like the feel of standing in the cool shade provided by towering trees, and the subtle fragrance of tropical flowers and dripping moss, the botanical gardens or a private villa may be your ideal venue. Or, enjoy the feel of a tropical garden in a secluded courtyard right in the heart of historic downtown Christiansted. Want to feel like royalty? Consider getting married at Castle St. Croix, a stunning East End villa offering elegant accommodations and all the amenities with spectacular views.

If you love the ocean, consider getting married out on the Caribbean Sea…or under it! You can celebrate your nuptials aboard one of Big Beard’s catamarans for a sunset ceremony with your friends and family, or just the two of you. For the more adventurous, you can dive in say ‘I do’ underwater at one of St. Croix’s stunning dive sites with Captain Ed (owner/operator of St. Croix Ultimate Bluewater Adventures) officiating.

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The possibilities for your wedding ceremony and reception locations are endless, and they all make breathtaking backdrops for memories (and photos) that will last a lifetime. Make your St. Croix destination wedding everything you’ve ever dreamed it could be…and consider staying for the honeymoon!

– Jennie Ogden, Editor

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