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5 Ways to Beat the Heat on St. Croix

During the summertime, it can be hot and muggy here on St. Croix. On the plus side, we are surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, so you can always take a dip to cool off. But, aside from heading to the beach, the island offers many other ways to keep your cool that don’t involve getting sand everywhere. Whether you want something inside in air conditioned comfort, or you just need something to make the heat more tolerable, the island offers fun activities for adults and children of all ages that will help you keep your cool. 

Here are five ways we here at recommend beating the heat on this island of eternal summer:

1.  Lounge by a resort pool.

If you would rather enjoy the fresh water of a pool, without sacrificing the Caribbean view, you can purchase a pool pass from one of several resorts here on St. Croix. For example, Sand Castle on the Beach Resort in Frederiksted offers a pool pass for just $10 per person, which includes a fresh towel, beach chair and umbrella, access to the two pools, shower, changing room and bar/restaurant. As an added bonus, if you eat lunch at Beach Side Cafe restaurant, day passes are reduced to $5 per person!

Sand Castle on the Beach Resort

2.  Indulge in some ice cream or a smoothie.

There are several local places here on St. Croix that offer delicious, homemade ice cream and smoothies. Choose your favorite traditional flavor, or from tropical ice cream flavors made using locally sourced ingredients. If you want a healthier option than ice cream, smoothies made with local produce are a great way to go. Check out Seaside Market & Deli, Twin City Coffee House & Gallery, or The Courtyard Juices & Fitness Studio to get your smoothie fix. To learn more, check out our Where to Get Your Ice Cream Fix blog.

Get Your Ice Cream Fix

3.  Jump off the Frederiksted Pier.

Plunging into the cool water surrounding the pier is refreshing and fun for all ages, but with none of the sand! There is an area midway down the Frederiksted Pier where you can jump off and then climb back up a partially submerged ladder. If you enjoy marine life, wear a pair of goggles or a mask and make sure to look around under the pier before you climb back up because there are a ton of sea creatures that make their homes on and around the pier pilings. Make sure to give yourself lots of time, because you will definitely want to jump more than once! Plus, you can cross #31 off your 100 Things To Do on St. Croix list!

Jump off the Frederiksted Pier!

4.  Get a manicure or pedicure.

If you want to sit back and relax in air conditioned comfort, why not pamper yourself? Get a pedicure and beautify your feet so they look great in those flipflops, or get a manicure so your hands are even more eye-catching as you sip that tropical cocktail. Better yet, go for a mani/pedi combo! Enjoy the rejuvenating resort day spa experience while you pamper your hands and feet at The Buccaneer Hideway Spa.

The Buccaneer Hideaway Spa

5.  Go rave bowling.

Bowling is a great way for the whole family to have fun together in air conditioned comfort…rave bowling is even more fun! Bowl in the glow of the neon lights while you enjoy a light show and a live DJ spins tunes on Saturday nights from 8:30pm-close at Tropical Ten Pins Bowling Center. There is even a restaurant and bar onsite, so you can really make a night of it.

5 Ways to Beat the Heat on St. Croix

These are just five of the many ways we locals beat the heat here on St. Croix, but there are many to choose from. However you choose to stay cool, enjoy the beautiful island setting and the wonderfully friendly people that make St. Croix the place to be, even when it’s hot outside.

– Jennie Ogden, Editor

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