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Take an Art Class and Get Creative

St. Croix 100 - #32 Art ClassesIf you are feeling creative, or just looking for something new to try, why not take an art class? The variety of art classes available on St. Croix is constantly expanding and changing, offering endless possibilities of ways to unlock your creativity. Whether you are a novice or you have never taken an art class in your life, there is something for everyone! As an added bonus, taking an art class is a fun way to get out and meet new people in a fun, stress-free environment.

For those of you who have not yet experienced an art class as adult, the thought of trying to create artwork in a room full of people may sound a bit intimidating. Well, fear not! Taking an art class will bring out your inner child and evoke a sense of joy. The classroom environment offers some basic instruction and guidance that can help those of you who think you’re not ‘creative types’ to get those creative juices flowing. Plus, in my personal experiences at art classes, everyone in the classroom creates something a little bit different, and everyone is very supportive and encouraging of everyone else.

Children’s art classes, as well as classes for adults, are available at CMCArts

If you need some liquid courage to loosen up and try painting you might enjoy a ‘paint and sip’ class, which includes wine or champagne as you paint your own masterpiece. Christa’s Art Gallery offers ‘Sip and Paint’ classes, as well as art kits you can do on your own. You can also try paint pouring or take an online art class through The Frame Up. Plus, you can purchase all the supplies you need for any classes there as well. The Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts (CMCArts) also offers a variety of both online and in-person classes from performing arts like dancing and story telling, to fine arts like wheel-thrown ceramics, photography and collage. Plus, they offer classes for all ages!

Try a silk painting workshop with local textile artist Debbie Sun

Art classes are held several days a week, and there are classes for both adults and children. The cost of the different classes offered at different locations vary, but they include the instruction as well as the supplies and materials. The classes change monthly, so check out our Calendar of Events for the current class schedule. You can also have a private art party at Christa’s Art Gallery or The Frame Up, which is a fun and unique way to celebrate a birthday or have a girls night out. Debbie Sun Design Studio also offers a private silk painting class for four that you can book by contacting Debbie directly. The very wise Albert Einstein said: ‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on.’ So, get creative, and pass it on!

– Jennie Ogden, Editor

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