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St. Croix is known by diving enthusiasts as a fantastic, and underrated place to dive. Not everyone realizes what an amazing location and set of ecological conditions we have in St. Croix to create top-notch diving conditions. I'm from here and just recently I learned that St. Croix has the largest living reef of any Caribbean Island, and that the island is almost completely surrounded by a barrier reef. Pretty awesome!

Cane Bay and its famous "The Wall" is well known as a diving destination, but venture just a few miles to the West and you'll find even more new and interesting underwater spots to explore. N2 The Blue is located on the water, right on Emancipation Drive, the road that winds through Frederiksted, north up the coast to Mahogany Road and Ham's Bluff. They've got tons of options as far as sites to explore, espeically if you are looking to dive the West End. The West End of St. Croix is the leeward side of the island, which means that the water is calm and clear. N2 the Blue is just a few minutes boat ride to fantastic diving off of Frederiksted, and about a 20-30 minute boat ride to the famous spots on the North Shore.


Southern Stingray on N2 the Blue Dive (Photo by Jenny Keith)

One spot to check out is Stripper Pole, and no, it's not what you think it is. A remnant of the old Frederiksted pier, which was destroyed in Hurricane Hugo, Stripper Pole is a 60 foot pole standing straight up in 110 feet of water. Definitely a unique spot. Starting at the Frederiksted Pier going South to Sandy Point, a diver can hit no less than seven fantastic dive sites, including the Swirling Reef of Death, then Aquarium, Tide Bottle (yes, after the detergent), Alien Nation, King's Reef, King's Corner and Sandy Point. Rainbow Reef and Sprat Hole are also great sites north of the pier, just up the coast. Keep winding your way up and you'll hit Little Mill Point, Cables, Chubb's Hole, Mill Point, Butler's Ledge and Armageddon. A diver could spend days exploring the dive sites up and down the West End coast, and the great thing is they are are just a short boat ride away. N2 the Blue also organizes night dives, for those scuba enthusiasts who are adventuresome enough to get out there in the dark.

Frederiksted Pier Night Dive

A group heading out for a night dive at Frederiksted Pier

The staff at N2 the Blue are extremely knowledgeable and in the perfect location for you to stop by and sign up for a dive. They specialize in small groups, and take up to 6 divers per boat. Be sure to check out their website for more information, and their Facebook page for incredible photos and videos of all the sites mentioned.



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