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Day Trip to the North Shore

The North Shore of St. Croix is a diverse landscape offering stunning ocean vistas, sandy beaches, mangrove forests, and subtropical rainforest. Diverse sea-life abounds off the North Shore due to the abundance of coral reefs, warm waters and the close proximity of the Puerto Rico Trench, which creates our world famous dive site known as The Cane Bay Wall. The most well known stops that you’ll want to see on the North Shore are Salt River and Cane Bay. 

Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve and the marina

Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve is home to the site of many historical Igneri, Tiano and Carib native Indian archeological finds; as well as the place where Christopher Columbus landed in 1493. An ecological preserve featuring everything from mangrove forests and a bioluminescent bay, to underwater canyons covered with coral reefs, Salt River is the perfect place to kayak or scuba dive. 

Cane Bay Beach on St. Croix’s North Shore

Further west, Cane Bay features a long stretch of sandy beach from which you can snorkel, do some limin’, or scuba dive the wall of the Puerto Rico Trench. You can also enjoy the subtropical rainforest if you ascend from Cane Bay and hike Mt. Eagle.

If you’re headed to the North Shore for a day, here are some activities we recommend:

To find out all the fun things to do in a day in Christiansted, Frederiksted or the East End, you can read more in our blog. Welcome to St. Croix, island hoppers and visitors! We hope you enjoy your time here on our hidden gem. Please #gotostcroix on photos you share to social media so we can see what you love about St. Croix.

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