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USVI Island Hopping

Welcome to St. Croix!  With ferries, the seaplane and flights operating regularly from St. Thomas, it's easier than ever to get to St. Croix. If you've never been, St. Croix has a different vibe than the other US Virgin Islands. Quieter and more laid-back, and with more land area and diversity, St. Croix offers lots of things to do. Come for the day, or for a weekend getaway and check out St. Croix for yourself.  For those already here, you can take advantage of the island hopping options to explore St. Thomas or St. John for a day and try something new.


For the Day

Coming to St. Croix for the day? There's so much to do we've made a whole list of suggestions!  Whether you are landing in Christiansted or Frederiksted, click on the links below to learn more and plan your day.

Stay Awhile

St. Croix has so much to offer, we highly recommend coming for a weekend getaway.  Stay in a charming historic hotel downtown, or at a beach side resort, and explore the island. Click on the link below to get started!


Island Hopping Options

If you're ready to explore St. Croix and the US Virgin Islands, check out the chart below to find out which mode of transportation will work best for your island hopping schedule.  Keep in mind that if you are coming from St. John on a day that the ferry isn't running directly to St. Croix, you can easily catch one of many daily ferries that run between St. John and St. Thomas and then take a ferry or flight from St. Thomas to St. Croix.

For more information about the options listed below, please click here.

No COVID test is required to travel between the US Virgin Islands, but face masks are required for all passengers.

OperatorTypeIslandsGeneral ScheduleLink
Native Son FerryFerrySt. Croix, St. Thomas, St. JohnWednesday, Friday, Sunday (STT - STX) New schedule coming soon! (STX - STJ)
QE IV FerryFerrySt. Croix, St. ThomasFriday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Seaborne | Silver AirwaysSeaplaneSt. Croix, St. ThomasMultiple Daily Flights
Cape AirFlightSt. Croix, St. ThomasMultiple Daily Flights
Bohlke International AirwaysPrivate Charter FlightSt. Croix, St. ThomasSchedule your own private charter flight
Caribbean Sea AdventuresPrivate Charter Power BoatSt. Croix, St. Thomas, St. JohnPrivate boat charter
Big Beards Adventure ToursPrivate Charter Power BoatSt. Croix, St. Thomas, St. JohnPrivate boat charter

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