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Savoring St. Croix Like a Local

You simply cannot visit St. Croix without tasting the local food. The island is a melting pot of cultures and ingredients, which has given rise to dishes that are truly unique to St. Croix. Crucian cuisine has been influenced by the seven countries whose flags have flown over the island, as well as Africa, Puerto Rico, the Indians native to St. Croix, and many more. If you want a chance to sample the local fare, as well as to learn something about the history and culture of St. Croix, we recommend taking the Taste of Twin City tour with Virgin Island Food Tours.

Some travelers find the idea of trying local food without knowing what to order, or even what the ingredients are, to be overwhelming. Luckily, Anquanette Gaspard, owner and operator of Virgin Island Food Tours, can make you feel like a local in just one afternoon. Having grown up on St. Croix, Anquanette was disappointed to find that many tourists didn’t try any Crucian food when visiting the island, and even residents were missing out on some of the best places to get local dishes. So, she created Virgin Island Food Tours to introduce visitors and residents alike to some of the best local food St. Croix has to offer. Her goals for the tour are simple, everyone attending should: have fun, learn something new, and leave full. Let me just say, mission accomplished!

Virgin Island Food Tours

“We launched Virgin Island Food Tours to share St. Croix’s history and culture with each visitor. Now, we can captivate your hearts (as well as your bellies) with authentic Crucian cuisine prepared by those whose life’s goal has been creating and sharing these culinary delights with anyone wanting a taste of St. Croix.” -Anquanette Gaspard

The Taste of Twin City tour offered six tasting stops, and included a little bit of everything. At Singh’s Fast Food we tried doubles, a favorite dish adopted by Crucian’s from Trinidad. Next, we enjoyed a cup of bush tea and a coconut drop at Gary’s Bakery. Zeny’s offered us stewed chicken, rice and beans, and plantain, all of which are integral parts of Crucian cuisine. Rum Runners gave us their namesake cocktail, made from locally distilled Cruzan Rum. Ital in Paradise provided delicious vegan lentil balls with a passion fruit dipping sauce paired with papaya lemonade, all made from locally sourced ingredients. The tour ended on a sweet note as we enjoyed a scoop of Armstrong’s Ice Cream at Savor St. Croix, in favorite island flavors like mango, banana and gooseberry. Between tasting stops, Anquanette walked us to some of the historic buildings, parks, and attractions in Christiansted and gave us a rich narrative on the history and culture of St. Croix.

The whole experience lasted about three and a half hours, and I was definitely full when we were done. Anquanette, did an amazing job of keeping the tour moving at a comfortable pace, and making the history and cultural stops interesting and informative. I highly recommend this tour to both visitors and residents. If you are visiting St. Croix, consider taking this tour early in your trip, because you will surely want to go back to some of the places you try on the tour! Ready to take the Taste of Twin City tour? It’s easy – just book your tour online, meet at the time and place indicated in your confirmation email, wear comfortable walking shoes, and get there hungry!

– Jennie Ogden, Editor

Virgin Islands Food Tours

Virgin Islands Food Tours transforms visitors into locals! This guided food tasting & cultural walking tour in Downtown Christiansted is a unique Crucian foodie experience allowing guests to enjoy six exclusive tastings of authentic local cuisine, and taste firsthand why St. Croix is considered a premier culinary destination in the Caribbean. Learn about the island’s…

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