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Attend a Wellness Retreat on St. Croix

Imagine spending a week doing nothing but nourishing your body, mind and soul while enjoying the natural beauty of a Caribbean island. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, add in some fun activities and adventures like fire-dancing, hiking, or stand up paddleboarding. You can enjoy all of these things, and more, by attending a wellness retreat in America’s Paradise, on the island of St. Croix.

Wellness is essentially the search for personal growth, an enhanced quality of life, and increased personal potential through positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes. Several factors influence our state of wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction/coping methods, good relationships, and even career success. The idea behind wellness is to take responsibility for our own health and well-being in order to improve our health on a daily basis…and what better place to improve health, reduce stress, and gain a more positive mindset, than an island in the Caribbean?

St. Croix: The Fitness Island

Attending a wellness retreat offers you the perfect opportunity to unplug from the day-to-day ‘rat race’ and tune into what your body, mind and soul are trying to tell you. Attending a wellness retreat on St. Croix adds a backdrop of stunning natural landscapes for your fitness or relaxation needs, including white sand beaches, turquoise Caribbean waters, rolling desert-like hills, and lush tropical rainforest. The island also offers a slower pace of life, and friendly people, which helps you to remember to slow down and enjoy every moment.

When addressing the nutritional component of your wellness, St. Croix offers locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs at farmers markets and stands, as well as locally caught seafood, cage-free eggs, freshly harvested coconut water, bush tea, and much, much more. Feather Leaf Inn is a great option for wellness retreats as they offer locally- grown, plant based meals made, as well as offering a breathtaking venue for yoga classes. The island is also home to a surprisingly large health and fitness community, which provides for many different forms of fitness, including stand up paddleboarding, open water swimming, yoga, belly dancing, Floor-Barre, CrossFit, and an endless variety of other fitness classes and workshops. Also consider including massage as part of your wellness component, or inviting someone from Massage Academy VI to offer a wellness workshop.

If you would like to try new things on your search for personal growth, health and well-being, consider hiring CoralFire Entertainment. These fire performers will teach you fun new ways to add movement to your fitness routine such as: fire-dancing basics, belly dancing, hula hooping, and more.

If you want a smaller retreat of 10-12 people, Villa Larimar can not only host your retreat at their beautiful North Shore home, they can also add fun activities and adventures to your retreats including sailing, diving, cultural tours, off-roading, hiking, kayaking, fishing, and much more. You can customize your retreat experience to focus on the areas of your wellness that need the most attention, and experience the beauty, culture and history the island has to offer.

While St. Croix offers several retreats that you can attend on your own, you can also book a villa or a group of rooms if you are planning to host a wellness retreat and bring your own group to St. Croix. There are several large villas on the island that will happily accommodate retreat groups, some even offer large outdoor areas featuring picturesque views and trade wind breezes where your group can meet for meals, workout, meditation, or to practice yoga. Northside Valley offers eco-friendly villas just a short stroll from the beautiful waters of the West End, as well as organic fruit trees that make for a wellness delight.

Simple Living on the West End

St. Croix is a perfect location to focus on your wellness, offering countless calming natural places at which you can meditate, warm Caribbean waters in which you can float or swim the day away, hiking trails through the rainforest for you to reconnect with nature, and so much more. Taking the opportunity to partake in a wellness retreat will allow you to reconnect with your mind and body, as well as to take some much needed time to take care of yourself. Make St. Croix your retreat destination so that you can enjoy the calming island vibes and natural beauty, with no passport required!

Jennie Ogden, Editor

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