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Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Here on St. Croix we preserve our beautiful island landscape, its culture, and natural resources through environmentally sustainable tourism and eco-friendly practices. What is sustainable tourism? Basically, it's a way of traveling in a green, environmentally and eco-friendly way. As a visitor to St. Croix, we want to suggest a few ways you can be a responsible traveler and minimize your impact on our island, and the global environment. We invite you to enjoy the local culture and diverse natural landscapes that we help preserve by taking part in eco-friendly activities and tours, and using only mineral sunscreen to protect our coral reefs.

Here are a few more ways you can be a responsible traveler:

  • Stay in eco-friendly hotels, resorts, or other lodgings, or consider camping
  • Eat at restaurants that use locally grown ingredients, and sustainably-caught seafood
  • Take tours that minimize your carbon footprint, such as hiking, kayaking, sailing and horseback riding
  • Visit attractions and national parks which highlight the history and heritage of St. Croix and preserve the local culture and natural environment
  • Be respectful of the landscapes and communities you visit - take only pictures and leave only footprints
  • Recycle when and where you can, avoid using plastic straws, and use a refillable water bottle to reduce waste
  • Shop locally made products, art and gifts to boost the local economy (especially those jewelry lines that give proceeds to local community and environmental organizations)
Ridge to Reef Farm
Farm Stands


Sustainable Tourism on St. Croix
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The Buccaneer Beach & Golf Resort
Centerline Car Rentals
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Northside Valley
Mount Victory Camp
Buck Island Charters: Teroro and Dragonfly
Horseback Riding
Ridge to Reef Farm
Caribbean Sea Adventures
Southern Saint
From the Gecko Boutique
Grapetree Bay Hotel & Villas
Mutiny Island Vodka
Bike STX
Tamarind Reef Resort
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