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St. Croix Gift Giving Guide

Want a souvenir to take home as a gift for someone special? Spending the holidays on St. Croix? If you are looking for something truly unique, go Crucian! Shop local and buy locally made products and gifts, or give gift certificates for local restaurants, services or attractions. Not only will you get a more personalized shopping experience from the island's independent boutiques, but shopping locally helps preserve St. Croix’s unique community and creates more jobs. Included below are just a few ideas for your shopping pleasure. Thank you for supporting the island of St. Croix by shopping in our local community. Happy gift giving!


Crucian Gold
St. Croix Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio
Massage Gift Certificates
Debbie Sun Design Studio
Southern Saint
Sonya Ltd.
Molly's Tropical Boutique
ib designs
Tropical Bracelet Factory
Undercover Books & Gifts
Undercover Books & Gifts
FantaSea Jewlery
Our Beautiful St. Croix Photo Session
From the Gecko
Joyia Inspirational Jewelry
Our Beautiful St. Croix Photo Session
Bougainvillea @ 41 King
The Natural Jewel
Sweet Lime Furnishings
Christa's Art Gallery
Purple Papaya
Enso Indigo Home
Cane Roots Art Gallery
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Here are a Few More Ideas...

A St. Croix Poster celebrating the icons of the island.

Gift certificates for classes, or kits, for arts/crafts projects from The Frame Up or Christa's Art Gallery.

Book a staycation!

A locally made box of bonbons in unique island flavors from  Bleu Chocolàt Workshop.

Send a taste of St. Croix with a Crucian Foodie Goodie Box.

Grab some locally produced rum, vodka or beer.

A family photo session with one of our photographers.

Dance lessons are both a fun and social activity that everyone can enjoy.

One-of-a-kind chaney jewelry.

Reusable cups and straws to cut down on your carbon footprint.

A massage or spa day would make anyone happy!

Sun protection from a local dive shop or boutique.

Adopt a furry new friend from the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center or REAL Cruzan Cats.

Donate to one of the St. Croix's many worthy causes.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same thing.

Store Merchandise Shop our line of original, vintage style St. Croix posters! Our posters feature historical icons, popular locations, St. Croix landmarks and more. Plus, we offer hats and other merchandise. If…